I read this today:
You must find your life first.
You must find.
Your life first.*

And I did.
Through this blog.
Through this heart.
Through me.

And I’m grateful.

Forever thankful for the words and music that gave sense to my world. That heard my heart when I didn’t. That allowed me to connect with teachers across this planet. Who said this is my story too.

And I love that. I love all the voices here. I love the stories and the paths and the I fucked ups. Most of all I love what we’ve all created. Corners of the world where we’re defiantly strong. Because we are.

This blog will remain here full of the longings and wishes and music of who I became. And I love that. I love this time existed for me. But it won’t be updated again because sometimes the courage is in letting go and opening your heart to something else.

All paths end, each becomes another, and that’s a beautiful thing. Something to amaze us all.

I hope I am forever amazed.


Third Eye Blind Slow Motion – Let go version

*from Andie Mitchell

I’m heading overseas tomorrow and I’ll miss this. An ocean and a horizon.

Xavier Rudd Lioness Eyes


When the scent of your aftershave
Has faded from my pillow
And it smells like linen again.
When your bruises
Have faded from my skin
And memories make me smile.
Then I’ll see you again.
And your smile will remind me
Why second chances
Are always good enough.


The Windy Hills Spirit of Akasha



Sometimes life is meant to be lived in slow motion. Sometimes we need to take a day out and take our moment. If we’ve accomplished a big project, let go of resistance, fallen in love or ended a relationship, we need a slow motion day.

A day to sit and say this is where I’m at. This how life looks to me now.

Sometimes the most precious gift we can give ourselves is the gift of time. A moment to say hell yeah I did this, I made this, I got through this.

A moment to take a breath and just enjoy the ride.

Third Eye Blind Slow Motion


Sometimes we’re called on to expand into something we’re not comfortable with. And we feel fear, that sickening, terror that all will not be ok; that the dream will be lost and we will end up hurt.

We’re going to expand and change whether we like it or not. The thing is we can choose to go with it or we can choose to try to stay the same. When we’re called on to consciously expand, we’re being asked to make a choice to go there, a choice to trust, a choice to let go and just breathe into the moment. A choice to let fear accompany us and to let light and love follow along too. A choice to be something different.

It’s not easy, right now my chest aches with fear, but I also know we spend our lives practising for moments like these, moments we need to let go in,  and trust it will all be ok, that what we’re being asked to expand into is going to be something we’re going to be forever thankful for.

Stone Sour Hesitate


freshie 160214 cropped

I’m still a little lost for words. Right now I seem to be feeling my way through the world with a camera and music and an ocean.

Illy – Live at the Wireless (covering Silverchair, Hilltop Hoods, Paul Kelly, Flume for Like A Version)


Because I love the lyrics of this song and the ocean.

Happy summer days.

Noah and the Whale. Not too late.


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